What we do

A professional service for our clients

Sales, imports / exports, registration transfers, transport services, car services and more!

Our staff are dedicated in providing you with the best of care at all times, so whether you are buying, selling or leasing come and experience the difference at Costas Liam Garage.

We Ship Our Cars Worldwide We arrange door-to-door shipping for buyers throughout the E.U. and, with an experienced logistics network in place, we can refer you to vehicle transporting companies globally. We have customers in countries E.U. countries as well


Door-to-door auto transport

This is convenient when you have a spacious spot for our driver to park and load or unload the vehicle.

Enclosed transport

Covered car shipping provides extra protection from road debris and weather. This is a great option for vintage or exotic cars.

Open auto transport

Choose this option to save 35% or more on your order. A top loading spot for more secure transport will require an extra fee.

No More Hassle

WE TAKE THE HASSLE OUT OF BUYING A CAR LONG DISTANCE! While the process can seem daunting as the buyer, we understand that and take steps to ensure that you know exactly what is happening each step of the way, we can guide you through the entire process.

How to Protect Yourself

Safe payment methods when buying from aboard

The key to receiving payment for your used car safely is to agree a safe payment method before meeting up and not to allow yourself to be pressured into changing plans. ESCROW SERVICES Legitimate escrow services, where they're to be found, are a very safe way of making and taking payments for used cars. It's far more likely that cash or a banker's draft would be used for a car transaction that occurs in person, but if your buyer chooses to use an escrow service, you shouldn't worry about accepting it. It's a very safe method of payment, with no risks at all; specially if the transport company offer an escrow payment account.